The dry cut

The dry cut

Why do we give you a dry haircut?


We set ourselves apart from other salons with our “dry cut”. A proper analysis of your facial physiognomy and hair texture, growth, thickness, etc. allows us to get a clear view on “the material”, which creates a good starting point for the perfect hairstyle.


By cutting dry hair, we see immediate results. It becomes easier to take into account the natural movement and texture of your hair and the direction in which it grows. Thus we avoid jumping hairs which are created by working in the wrong direction and we can also integrate your cowlicks into your hairstyle.


The secret of a great cut lies in accepting and accentuating what mother nature has blessed you with. By not forcing and stressing your hair, we create looks that are natural and easy to maintain.


With a dry haircut, we can guarantee you a hairstyle that easily stays in shape up to 6 weeks and grows out in a very natural way.